Teacher CPD – Mentoring

Our staff can support and enhance the knowledge and skills of your teaching staff. The ultimate aim is to improve the ongoing delivery of quality PE within the school.

PE is a specialist area to teach and is a very important part of a child’s learning within the school environment. Children can learn new sports and games, express their ideas through physical activity and provide support and encouragement within the class. This is why we feel teachers should be assisted with the expertise of sports specialists who can deliver excellence and pass on their enthusiasm, knowledge and skill set to the teachers as well as the children.

Our Team Teaching programme has been designed to address the outcomes outlined within the new Ofsted regulations for the Primary PE and Sports Premium.

  • 6-8 weeks blocks of sessions plans to be given to the Teacher of each class.
  • School staff to work alongside Sports Specialists in order for them to gain knowledge and experience in the subject field.
  • Assessments of class to be completed by Sports Specialists in partner with teaching staff.